Yurting, Weddings and Skateboards

As 2015 drew closer to an end so did a few wee personal projects meaning the year could end with a nice and neat bow tied in.

Last year for my birthday a group of friends and I rented a sleeping pod in a lovely little camp site in Glenshee. I knew I wanted to go back after having seen the possibility of staying in their authentic Turkish Yurt, so we booked a long weekend and I brought my camera. As well as documenting  the experience of our stay I thought it'd be nice to involve the owners of the site in the video by interviewing them. I got to learn more about the history of the site and was given an insight into their eco-friendly philosophy. It's a cool little business run by genuine and lovely people that I'm happy to work with on these little passion projects. It's something I'd like to perhaps delve more into in 2016.

Another attempt at promoting a local grass-roots company came in the form of this short personality-piece documentary. The subject was a long-time friend of mine who had recently started his own business teaching one-to-one skateboarding lessons to children and adults. The project was a perfect opportunity to come to grips with my new equipment as the first full shoot on my 5D mkIII. The entire project (excluding the interview) was shot in RAW so it was a great opportunity to get used to the workflow while helping a friend gain publicity for his budding business. Extreme (an extreme sports TV channel) shared the video on their Facebook page quickly amassing 40,000 views, perhaps making it the closest video of mine to going viral.

My personal shooting schedule was nicely concluded by filming a wedding for a family member. The venue, the weather, the people, and the day itself were all beautiful, and I can't thank Vicki and Paul enough for trusting me to capture their big day. 

Now that 2016 has begun I'm looking ahead to future projects and plans are being made. I'll be sure to keep this blog updated with my film-making activities and post any and all new content.

Happy New Year!