Learning Kickboxing Photography

I've always enjoyed watching martial arts. As a child I was obsessed the the Power Rangers which led to a short stint of Taekwondo classes however never progressed much beyond a humble yellow belt. Now that I'm all grown up I've come to terms with the fact that they probably weren't or never will be recruiting new Power Rangers, however that didn't stop me from taking up a new martial art anyway. Since 2013 I've been attending and training at a local kickboxing gym - Gary Lee's Martial Arts Academy (GLMAA). Initially it was purely to improve my health although after not long I began to enjoy learning the techniques and my attention shifted. Now several years into training I'm part of the competition team and even had the privilege of representing the academy at the WAKOS British Championships in Birmingham in February this year (2016).

An opportunity arose recently for me to contribute back to GLMAA by helping them produce, edit and manage all of their online visual assets. This will include event, product and promotional photography and videography, as well as some graphic design elements.

This is a great opportunity for me to start branching out further into the realms of photography and I'm particularly excited as it's within a subject that I have a real passion for.

Last week I took some test snaps in class to experiment with the best camera settings for shooting in a poorly lit hall with primarily tungsten lights. Below are some of the results.

We decided that colour-popping the yellows would emphasize the academy's branding colours while also neatening the image up for potential text inserts for social media use. We wanted to focus on the people who train at the academy, getting close-ups of facial expressions to show how enjoyable and relaxed the classes are.

I'll be adding a few new pieces of kit to my arsenal over the next few weeks to allow more creative flexibility with regards to this style of photography. I'll post the results shortly!