GLMAA Kickboxing Champions Case Study

A few weeks ago I travelled to Birmingham with the GLMAA competition squad to compete in the WAKO British Kickboxing Championships. Over the course of the tournament three of our junior fighters took away British titles which, considering the level of competition, is no small feat. Gary Lee and I agreed that their achievements were worth documenting and sharing so I got to work on creating a short case study piece. It features some insight from the fighters and their parents, reflecting on the tournament experience as well as a look into their overall experience within the academy.

Shot on Canon 5D mkIII, 50mm f/1.6 with Sennheiser lapel mics & Zoom H4 recorder.

Unfortunately I wasn't as prosperous in my division. I won my first bout but lost the second, knocking me out of the tournament (which you can watch in the player to the right. I get knocked on my arse at around 00:33 for anyone interested in seeing that). I was however really pleased to have competed at such a high-level event and spending time with the amazing talent within the academy is always a treat.

I can't say enough good things about kickboxing as a hobby. As is evident from the parent's testimonial in the video above it can have majorly positive effects on the confidence, patience, discipline, well-being and focus of not only young people, but adults alike. If you're in the Fife area and are looking to try a new hobby I couldn't recommend GLMAA enough.