Baba Gadji Pickups Shoot

In November last year I posted a behind-the-scenes photo album from a short film shoot I'd been helping out on. The subject matter was too bizarre not to shoot some stills of and I ended up with some candid photos that I was really pleased with. Last weekend the work continued as I was recruited to helped shoot some pickups, and much like the previous shoot there were laughs, chaos and more behind-the-scenes photos to take.

Baba Gadji Pickup Shoot March 2016

I took the shots on my Canon 5D mkIII with the Canon 50mm f/1.6 prime, switching to the 24-70mm f/4 for filming. The photos were taken using the ambient light from the set which was a mix between sunlight from the windows, room lighting and a softbox. 

I really enjoy shooting candid on-set photos because it not only fills the gaps between takes and location or costume changes but also provides an insight into the atmosphere of the shoot. This is usually lost in the actual footage which has its own agenda and narrative requirements to meet. Since this shoot had some very visual elements involved I knew there'd be some interesting outcomes...particularly the facepaint-kimono combo.

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