'The Space' Opening Exhibition

The Image Collective are a group of creatives who are gradually turning the unlikely setting of the Ocean Terminal shopping centre into a place for art. A few weeks ago "The Space" was launched - a dedicated exhibition space providing a platform for both well known and new artists to display their work. I knew it was something I'd like to be involved with so I jumped at the opportunity to create a video to capture a 'flavour' of the evening. 

Today's #runandgun #rig for an events coverage gig #videographer #canon

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I shot the event on my trusty Canon 5DmkIII and 24-70mm f/4, bundled onto my seldom used shoulder rig which I'd calibrated into more of a handle-bar/figrig setup. 

I felt like this offered me more opportunity to capture shots with some movement as handheld tracking (although not impossible) can be very tricky to nail. I utilized a few of these moving shots to help establish the environment and, with a little bit of warp stabilization, was really happy with the results.

The hybrid image stabilizer built into the 24-70 f/4 was a big selling point for me for exactly these kinds of situations. I feel like I can get reliably steady tracking and sliding shots without having to be weighed down with tripods, monopods or steadicam systems. More ambitious shots with more movement would perhaps require some additional equipment, although I am working towards one day achieving Brandon Li level run-and-gun handheld work.

I feel that it's important to be able to create dynamic movement on the fly and with a minimal set up. Since the popularization of sliders the parallaxing shot has become commonplace in a lot of corporate and creative films. I feel that the sheer volume of which the shot is used has diluted it's dynamism forcing us now to think more creatively.

Camera operation has always been a strong focus of mine and shoots like this only further inspire me to really refine my technique and technical calibrations. 

The band that played live were kind enough to let me use one of their tracks for the video's backing music, and as well as being nice guys they also happen to make awesome music! You can check out Indigo Velvet here.