Learning Magic with Cammy

It was around February this year when, after a long and inspiring conversation with a good friend and mentor, I'd decided to really start putting effort back into my freelancing. Since I'm effectively starting from scratch I knew it would be important to dedicate time to rebuilding that key object for any creative - my portfolio. Therefore I decided that 2016 would be the year of the showreel, and that I'd focus my energy on finding a wide-variety of projects with strong visual elements. No project would be too out-there for consideration...Enter Cammy's Magic!

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After learning that Cammy, a young aspiring magician, was looking for new video content for his various social media platforms I knew it was a project I wanted to be involved in. It contained everything I'd been looking for - it was hugely visual, entertaining, interesting, an area I know nothing about (so naturally I'd learn a thing or two during the process) and it also offered an opportunity to shoot in a different kind of environment to that which I'm used to.

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools on the planet and I believe Cammy is wise to be using it as a hub for sharing his latest and greatest tricks and illusions. He undoubtedly understands it's potential as one of his older videos went viral and reached a whopping FIVE MILLION VIEWS...That's quite an audience. One that couldn't have been reached so easily just 10 years ago, before the cataclysmic rise of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Social media is a tool that can be used to startling effect and with Facebook's new automatic video player there's never been a more optimum time to start filming, sharing and catching your followers' eye. Cammy's Magic is an ongoing project so keep an eye out for more content soon, and be sure to check out his Facebook page!