Scottish Galleries & Budapest

June is graduation season and working in a college has lead me to both enjoy and fear this time of year. Just about every creative subject taught at Edinburgh College host some kind of exhibition and as such require some level of filming, whether it's simply recording a flavour of the event for future promotional materials or something more in-depth and case-study-esque. It's a very busy period but I always find myself inspired by the sheer volume and diversity of the creative works on display.

We created the first short film below to document the Graphic Design Department's most recent One Week Project. The students are given a live brief from a client, in this case National Galleries Scotland, and have 7 days to meet the brief and present their solution. The team who deliver the best pitch are given prizes and have their concepts taken forward and considered for implementation. The winning concept was really strong and something I'd personally enjoy seeing the galleries employ.

You can read more about the Graphic Design Department's activities on their blog.

Outside of my work at Edinburgh College I've been working on several video projects, one of which I managed to sign off on last night (more info on that coming soon) leaving me with a desire to edit something together just for me. Client-based work is always welcomed however it's an attempt to express someone else's vision or communicate their message. Feeling fuelled by all the creative work I've seen recently I delved into the dusty project files from last summer's trip to Budapest and within two hours finished this little edit.

The video was shot on my Canon 5D mkIII with a 24-70 f/4 lens, RAW in MLV format converted to Quicktime files using MLRAWviewer. The depth of colour and sharpness of the picture reminded me that the result is worth the more demanding workflow, inspiring me to shoot some more RAW content this summer. The festival was so vibrant and exciting that it would be very difficult to paint a vivid enough picture to give the viewer a real idea of the experience (although the official after-video does an amazing job). So with the short selection of footage I had I decided to show 'pockets' of the festival to give viewers a small taste of something similar to my experience at Sziget.