Summer '16 Updates

Recently I returned from the most ambitious and adventurous trip I've ever been on - three weeks travelling around Thailand and Bali, and the experience was truly amazing. I knew I was going to take my camera to capture some of our experiences but I didn't anticipate just how full of colour and life these countries would be. Here's some of the tech breakdown - 

With limited baggage space I knew I'd have to pack bare-minimum equipment, so opted to go completely raw and just bring my Canon 5D mkIII body, my 24-70 lens and my shoulder sling strap. On the run up to the trip I'd been experimenting and practicing handheld motion attempting to create slider or dolly-esque movements in camera and had found a few techniques for achieving the effect, so I felt confident in not bringing any additional support. I was commissioned to make an event coverage video for a local shopping centre before leaving so I used this as an opportunity to practice the technique and implement it into a live project. You can see the best examples in the video below at the 53 second mark.

I shot my last trip (Sziget Festival, Budapest) in MagicLantern's MLV RAW format and, despite the extra consideration of massive file sizes, decided I'd be doing the same thing for this trip. The increase in dynamic range and colour that RAW provides is dramatic compared to the 5D's usual video output, and feels as though you're shooting with something more akin to a RED or ARRI. Having limited equipment means getting the most out of what I have and MagicLantern certainly does exactly that. I've been uploading framegrabs from my RAW footage to my Instagram account so be sure to check them out and follow my account for more!

I shot intermittently while we travelled, leaving gear in our Airbnb accommodation on quieter days and taking it out on the more adventurous. The time away from the immersion of constant shooting gave me a chance to reflect on my work in terms of career aspirations and as a creative artform. It seems as though the distance has helped me understand more about what I want to achieve from filmmaking and helped focus my attention in the right direction. 

Upon my return, feeling inspired and refreshed, I pieced together a short preview from some of my newly acquired footage, which you can watch below. 

Since returning I've been developing several new film project concepts which are now in varying stages of production. For the latest news and updates be sure to follow my Facebook page as exciting things are coming!