New Year - New Showreel!

Happy 2017 everyone! 

I wanted to roll in the new year by piecing together a new showreel as it's something I haven't updated in a couple of years. I felt like my work has really developed since my last showreel (which was in 2014) and wanted to create something that would reflect that growth. I chopped together a short edit to display some of my favourite pieces of work from 2016/2015 which you can watch here - 

2016 was a super productive year for me - I established some fruitful professional relationships, created a higher standard of work than before and worked on some projects I felt truly passionate about. It was a year to focus on honing the skills I'd developed and used day-to-day. However this year I aim to shatter that status-quo and create a whole new way to approach my filmmaking. I'll soon be gaining some new equipment which will open up new opportunities for creativity, which will require new workflows in all areas of productions. I'm turning my focus to topics of filmmaking I feel more connected to and I've set myself new ambitious goals. 

It's going to be a great year! Watch this space.