Spring Updates

Spring is finally here, and bringing with it a new season of creativity!

To celebrate the returning of the sun I felt it appropriate to get back to my film-making roots and piece together a short skate video with a close friend of mine. Ali Samson (the featured skateboarder) and I were close friends in high school, with shared interests in playing music and skating we made a lot of content together over the years and have thankfully kept in touch.

For this short piece I broke out my Tokina 12-24mm lens for that wide-angle skating look, and mounted my Feelsworld EVF direct into the hotshot so I could monitor the shot while I skated and keep track of the composition. I dropped a 2-3% warp stabiliser on one or two of the shots to iron out a few bumps in movement, but overall the footage came out very smooth. Other than a few magenta light-leak overlays very little colour correction was applied as I wanted to keep those natural warm Canon-sunny-day colours.

Continuing on the theme of Spring/Summer, I had the pleasure of shooting a suitably summery event for the Kingsgate Shopping Centre: 

The event focused around a group of dancers who'd perform routines while touting the latest fashion offerings from the shopping centre. Filming dancers in a very crowded public place wasn't without its challenges, however I am happy with the final result. I attempted to capture the excitement and fun of the event by using upbeat music matched with an upbeat editing pace while also keeping the visuals as colourful and interesting as possible. I focused on capturing the movements of the dancers while incorporating some movements of my own into the camera operation so the whole piece has a sense of dance and celebration to it.

I'm scheduled to film another one of Dunfermline's events in the next few weeks - the Dunfermline Food & Craft Weekend - which I'm really looking forward to. I'm also looking forward to shortly releasing a personal creative project that's been in the pipeline for a while now. Coming soon!