From a young age I understood the value of being able to capture life on video. I grew up in a family where video is important - it was a tool for capturing our time together to be shared, enjoyed and experienced again. Access to my Dad's camcorder led to making films with my friends, and unknowingly paved the way for my career in video production.

In 2010 I studied Digital Media Computing where I won the Carnegie Rose Bowl for Excellence Award and decided I would specialise in video production. In 2012 I graduated from Edinburgh College with an A in HND Film & Television. I have since worked in video production roles within the corporate training sector and currently the education sector, as well as managing many freelance projects in a wide variety of industries.

I create music videos, short fictional and nonfictional films, advertisements, corporate and educational training videos, promotional films, wedding films, crowdfunding videos, digital animations and event coverage pieces. 

I find storytelling fascinating, and enjoy creating work that has a clean and minimal aesthetic, giving the subject breathing room to speak for itself. I believe in the importance of strong, focused content and enjoy working with clients to help them communicate their message in a simple, entertaining and engaging way.